Cute Girls Rooms

Cute Girls Rooms

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These gorgeous girls bedroom designs offer perfect solutions for your little lovelies sleep and play space, from sweet pink candy cane stripes and poodle pictures, to punchy purple decals and green Astroturf-esque floors.

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Via VladoMN
A Barbie and heart themed room is at the pinnacle of girlie glamour, whilst pink floral wallpaper conjures equal femininity without the branding. White furniture offsets the sweetness to keep the overall look of the scheme fresh and light.

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Check out how this wall unit opens up to reveal a workspace!

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A sweeping cloud mural across the ceiling expanse creates a dream like atmosphere, where imaginations can drift away.

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Above 2 via Irako Design
Bunk beds and trundle beds are a great idea even in unshared bedrooms in order to create easy solutions for sleepover situations.

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Via Kate Chelyustnikova
A character themed wall mural adds quirkiness to plain paintwork, gaining maximum impact from surrounding clashing colors.

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Via Eugene Zhdanov Lumier
A soft lilac and white scheme is given an edge with a black accent wall and striped bedcovers.

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Via Team7
Hot pink and pine result in a fresh décor scheme, full of sunshine and vigour, whereas pastel pink teamed with lilac and blue hues give a hazy gentle look, set off beautifully by a delicate sparkly chandelier.

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Via Natasha
This cool blue creation is a clear getaway from the pink princess palaces, but still pops with pretty detailing in the swirling wall decal and floral print textiles.

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