Photographing For Catalogs: Petra Bindel

Photographing For Catalogs: Petra Bindel

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Check out this beautiful work by photographer Petra Bindel, for Swedish brand Stringfurniture, her work is crisp, bright and showcases classic Scandi-style interiors at their best. Bindels work has consistently appeared in Elle Interiors and Elle Decoration magazines, popped up in Dwell, and appeared across billboards and book jackets.

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With 16 years in the business, the photographer has worked with some of the best stylists in the business to build an impressive body of work, about which she enthuses: “I don’t think there is anything more fulfilling than to work with talented people. It’s inspiring and the feeling of creating something together drives me forward and makes me want to do more”, and indeed she is prolific.

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The pictures we see here of the String® system-a range of versatile shelving combinations that provide bespoke storage arrangements-exhibits the products in rich imagery, full of depth and clarity, and framed to perfection; the simple lines of the furniture take on an artistic, architectural quality, full of balance and careful geometry.

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