Bedroom Feature Walls

Bedroom Feature Walls

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Feature walls arent just for living rooms and dining rooms, you can create vignettes of interest all over the house and especially in the master bedroom.

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Via Viscorbel
Your headboard provides the ideal opportunity to really make an impact in this space; consider oversized designs with deep cushioning, or an overhead canopy in draping fabric for a classically lavish or romantic look.

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Above 2 via Coolayan
Mirrors hung in multiples also make great wall features, arrange them over a dressing area for extra oomph!

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If modern is more your style, try adding interest to your headboard wall by hanging a contemporary painting above your bed, apply an abstract graphic design, or use a vinyl wall sticker for a quick but effective solution.

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Via XM Studio
Rustic wood paneling forms a cozy backdrop, and looks great teamed with moody black and white photography, as shown above, in a fabulous utilitarian scheme.

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In recent years, master bedrooms have evolved to also include entertainment stations with wall mounted TVs, DVD players and games consoles, and these items provide another opportunity to make a large statement in your décor; inject color and cohesion by adding a glossy wall panel behind the gadget menagerie.

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