Smart Homes: Are We There Yet?

Smart Homes: Are We There Yet?

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This is “the first home designed from scratch to incorporate a digital layer connecting the house and its elements to the Internet,” says Openarch. “Its inhabitants lead a new digital and connected life. It is flexible and thanks to its ability to transform, it can adapt to any condition that the user requires.”

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Video here:

As this technology works on a projection basis, you can probably say goodbye to pattered wallpapers and rugs, other than virtual ones!

Openarch isn’t the only company that is bringing in new ways in which we interact with data and objects. Check out this video from Microsoft’s Research Labs that shows their vision of how we might interact with objects digitally in the future.

But this is just the beginning in a long line of enhancements imagined for our future, similar more integratable concepts are coming to the market, such as the Samsung Smart Window:

With fascinating additions like these, life and education take on exciting new dimension, and loved ones, friends and colleagues are connected ways never before possible. It’s seems we have a lot to look forward to!…

Watch the video: Smart Homes Could Affect Your Kids Development. Are We There Yet? (July 2022).


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