Paris Apartment

Paris Apartment

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This monochrome Parisian apartment appears a little on the cool side at first glance, with stainless steel and chrome finishes against stark white walls, and charcoal grey and black furniture throughout, but one or two natural wood pieces provide welcome relief, alongside a few tiny pearls of red and muted green accents to lift the scheme.This apartment is very much a hard working place, and space is at a premium, the kitchen and dining tables double as desks, and an ultra compact spiral staircase rises up through to the next floor. The spine-like chrome stair set is sleek and stylish, though on the other hand, rather scary (one slip and youre off!) with entirely open sides. The area that surrounds the slimline steps also doubles as a gym, housing an exercise bike and workout paraphernalia, the look is kept minimal in this space with sparse shelving and simple cube seating against a backdrop of whitewashed brickwork.A backless sofa allows the flow of both space and conversation between the living room and kitchen diner, and the simple grey carpeting throughout the apartment suits the transition between an office space and living place usage; filing cabinets are dotted around the walls amongst more traditionally homely pieces, which continue the amalgamation of room purpose.

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