Apples Spaceship Inspired Future Cupertino Offices

Apples Spaceship Inspired Future Cupertino Offices

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Earlier this week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced plans for a spaceship-like new office campus in Cupertino, California that would hold up to 12,000 Apple employees and completely revamp the way the company operates.

Jobs presented the Cupertino City Council with plans for the four-story, eco-friendly offices reportedly designed by world-renowned Norman Foster Architects. The new offices were designed with green technology and renewable energy in mind, and will operate utilizing Apple’s natural gas facility and an electricity grid as back-up. Parking would be conveniently located below the building.

Details of the campus are sketchy at best and the following screen captures from the original presentation are the only known available images of this project.

UPDATE 1: More pictures added below.

Hit the play button below to hear about the project in Jobs’ own words.

UPDATE 2:9to5 Mac has leaked some new pictures of the office interiors.

More pictures at 9to5 Mac website.

Watch the video: Steve Jobs Presents to the Cupertino City Council 6711 (August 2022).