O House: A Super Luxurious Lakeside Home In Switzerland

O House: A Super Luxurious Lakeside Home In Switzerland

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Considering where it is located, the shape should come as no suprise. If this Swiss cheese block of a house with a stunning view of Lake Lucerne doesn’t generate a bit of envy from you, your karma is strong! Designed by Philippe Stuebi Architekten Eberhard Tröger the ‘O house’ has all the signs of a *very* rich man’s abode. We can’t pin point what we like most about this gem – the fancy shapes, the all white interiors, the impossible views or the garage full of exotic cars. It is all there!

Did we forget to mention that the basement opens into a fitness area adjoining a 25 metre pool, half inside, half outside?

And finally, the cherry on top (or should we say, basement?)…

Is it just us or does this remind you of the Iron Man’s house?


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