Winners from Googles Wall Art Contest

Winners from Googles Wall Art Contest

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When Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior VP of Product Management at Google, walked the corridors of their London office, he was intrigued by a Google logo he saw on the wall. It was a beautiful 20 feet wide photo mosaic of UK which also included within it a giant representation of the company’s logo.

(Click through the image to see a high resolution version of it).

It was designed by Googler Clay Bavor who used 884 individually printed 4×6 photographs of people, places, and things around the U.K. (all of which were taken by Googlers).

He has also graciously posted a time lapse video of its making. (The camera shot a picture every 7 seconds so the 5.5 hours of work got compressed to 1 min 20 seconds in the video)

Well, our story doesn’t end here. Jonathan was so impressed with the project that he decided to organize a ‘Googley Art Wall’ contest within the company and soon several teams from all over the world expressed interest to participate. In all 23 teams from 12 offices across eight countries submitted videos and photographs of their work. Here is what they came up with:

Rubik’s Cubes Galore (Taipei) – made out of 850 Rubik’s Cubes – First Prize

Flavors Fusion (Singapore) – each letter is filled with dried beans, rice, grains and pasta

Wall of Doodle (Mountain View) – a highly-detailed 3D doodle makes up each letter of the logo

Periodic Table of Google Elements (Mountain View) – an arrangement of facts and stats about Google and the Internet

Scrappy (San Francisco) made entirely out of food packaging scraps from the microkitchen

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