Artsy Achitecture: Hydrogenase, Algae Farm by Vincent Callebaut

Artsy Achitecture: Hydrogenase, Algae Farm by Vincent Callebaut

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The Hydrogenase Algae Farm envisioned by the creative minds at Vincent Callebaut takes the green revolution to an entirely new plane.

Mimicking nature in design, the algae farm is a completely self-contained miniature biochemical power station able to absorb CO2 and give off useable energy. Green algae and seaweeds recycle CO2 that would normally contribute to the greenhouse effect.

The purification station is, “observatory of the sea fauna and flora that fight for the protection of ecosystems and for the revitalization of the beds of corals and of endangered species. It is a true cleaner of seas and oceans by skimming and damaging as main nutrient the floating waste banks of our energy-consuming civilization.”

More Vincent Callebaut Architects magic here: Physalia.

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