Cold War Era Aircraft Converted into Luxury Hotel

Cold War Era Aircraft Converted into Luxury Hotel

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Who could guess a war-stricken aircraft could be recycled and recycled so spectacularly well! Even the makers of this 120 seater airplane would be amazed if they now saw whats become of their aircraft. There are no signs of the cold era-war instead the aircraft has been transformed into a plush suite for two.

At first glance, it would be like you are standing right in the middle of a restored aircraft. It is only after you enter you get a kick in the teeth that it has been converted into a luxury suite!!!

The cockpit is untouched, still in its original state. The bedroom has plain white panels in semi-glossy finish. All white, the walls, tapestries are broken by a black headrest at the back. The distinct potholes give the room an elegant look. Between the bedroom and the reading room is housed the bath. Due to the cylindrical interior of an aircraft, the potholes along the long walkway play well with light and shadow. The change rooms are intelligently placed on the side, with wardrobes.

Kitchen resembles a pantry with clear lines; the microwave and the refrigerator merge well with the side wall giving it a tidy look. A small sitting area at the end compliments for the dining. The flat panel, music system etc. adds value to this place and thereby making it a place where a small family gathers during their stay. On the other side of the bath is the reading room, where you can enjoy a coffee while relaxing over your favourite book.

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