10 Innovative Stair Design Concepts

10 Innovative Stair Design Concepts

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When creative minds are at work, there is nothing that goes beyond them! They can make the lazy work, let the bored be entertained and allow the nerds to think beyond books.

These minds came together and set up flights of stairs that describe themselves. Check them out!

This staircase design is sure to be a hit with those who are conscious about their weight!

Sing along, make up a new tune every time you cross these steps! (If you are reading this post through email, click on the following link to view the video: 2009/10/10-innovative-stair-design-concepts )

A flight of ‘pantone’ stairs.

Innovative stair design with rainbow colors.

These wallpaper stair rise designs enhance the aesthetic value of the house!

The cartoon prints on these stairs are sure to excite the child within.

‘Disappearing stairs’ is pure genius, don’t you think?

Ribbon stairs are sturdy!

Now, you may have the option to hop, skip and jump to the next step, but well, you know what can happen if you miss it!

Conserving space is always a hit with home-makers and these stairs prove to be the ultimate solution. For more ideas, take a look at these staircase designs.

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Watch the video: Top Beautiful Staircase Design Ideas For Small Space. Space Saving Staircase (July 2022).


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