Nightfoxs Villa in Oceans Twelve

Nightfoxs Villa in Oceans Twelve

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I recently got to see Ocean’s Twelve again and this time I seriously decided to pursue an aspect of the movie that intrigued me so much the first time I saw it. Remember the Francois Toulour’s (aka Nightfox, the ace french thief) stunning residence they show somewhere in the middle of the movie? I have always wanted to know the whereabouts of the place but it is only this encore of the movie that actually gave me the motivation to find it.

The place they filmed is actually a 19th century Villa (called Villa Erba) on the banks of Lake Como near Milan, Italy. Villa Erba was the vacation home of the late Italian director Luchino Visconti‘s family which they later sold to public authorities in 1986 and it currently serves as an exhibition and conference center.

Here are some snaps of this grand home and its surroundings. Images include those from the movie plus a few others.

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