Inspirational Bathrooms

Inspirational Bathrooms

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I was just looking back and realised it’s been a while since we did a bathroom inspiration set. Apart from the kids bathroom designs we featured in May, the last random set of bathroom pictures we featured was sometime in December last year. Eventhough function-wise, there is little to separate between the designs that we feature in this post, it is surprising how many different ways designers think up of in decorating this relatively small space. Be it the color combination, texture on the walls, vegetation inside, or the curios used there is always something fresh to savour about these bathrooms! Take a look:

By Mptribe

By Vkendesign

By Jerry


By Temucin Argun

By Vargas and Tejeda Architecture

By Hong Phi Le

By Danurdara Pratitayekti

By Lisa Rimski

By Grafx

By Ircham

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