Old Town and Country Style Kitchen Pictures

Old Town and Country Style Kitchen Pictures

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The Marchi Group specializes in creating traditional style kitchens that look straight out of a folk tale. These classic country style kitchens are easy for you to associate with and they somehow seem familiar eventhough you are seeing them for the first time.

Marchi, the designer, believes:

Beautiful things acquire value over time. They are objects that improve quality of life and become an integral part of our daily routine.

The following set of pictures of country kitchens should give you some inspiration if you are planning to build one.

Country Kitchen – Dhialma

Country Kitchen – Old England

Country Kitchen – Valenzuela

Country Kitchen – Doralice

Country Kitchen – Hemingway

Marchi also has a another line of ‘New Classic’ kitchens which bring in a touch of modern while still remaining largely traditional.

New Classic Kitchen – Dechora

New Classic Kitchen – Opera’

New Classic Kitchen – Dechora

New Classic Kitchen – Opera’

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