Spring Summer Living Room Designs

Spring Summer Living Room Designs

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Roche-Bobois is a French furniture company that has just released its 2009 Spring-Summer collection of living room furniture which seems to lay heavy emphasis on the vivid colours that reflect the season.

To be contemporary is to live with the times and feel at home in an ever changing world. And there is no better way to feel comfortable than to open up to the aspirations, dreams and doubts that shape the world you live in. Architects, designers and craftsmen give shape to these influences. Our Les Contemporains Collection strives to take you home to the modern world.

Fashion and interior design have a lot in common. One of the more obvious disciplines they share is fabric, a material we use to “dress” our sofas and chairs. Roche-Bobois has partnered with some leading fashion houses like Kenzo and Missoni Home for producing fabrics for its designs.

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