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Reading Nook Design Spaces

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Reading nooks are those nice little nooks in your home where you don’t mind spending a whole day buried up reading a novel or catching up on magazines. The design of these places can be tricky, as usually, focus on comfort overrides aesthetics when you create these spaces. But that doesn’t mean these reading nooks need to be untidy or unappealing to look at.


by Sarah Leeab

by Erin


A comfortable chaise lounge chair with a fabulous floor reading lamp by the window! What more could you want?

by Yohanes

by Dark Haired Girl

by Aaron

From BeClever

This is not from a home, but you got to love the atmosphere here. Courtesy:Barbara Slavin

If reading means more of the virtual thing for you, this setup would suit you:

by Sage Kitamorn

Here is a private library designed by architect Andrew Berman, in the woods of Long Island for his client who is a writer. The building creates a serene environment that just oozes peace and tranquility.


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